Hair Loss Treatment

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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment | Make It Happen Hair Loss Clinic And Salon - Riverside, CA

Having healthy hair is an important part of healthy self-esteem and confidence. It’s one of the first things that a person notices about your appearance, so it goes without saying that hair loss can be a major concern for men and some women.

Whether you’re a man that is going through hereditary hair loss or a woman who has had some health concerns that causes your hair to fall out, we have hair loss treatment that can turn hair loss around.

When you come in to Make It Happen Hair Loss Clinic and Salon, our specialists will sit you down, ask you what your concerns are, discuss your preferences for hair loss treatment, and get you started.

These are a few of the hair loss products that we offer at our Salon in Riverside, CA:
• Help Hair—A shake for both men and women with all natural ingredients, created to combat thinning hair.
• HLCC—A program that provides nutrition to combat hair loss.
• Anagen Supplements—For excessive hair shedding.
• Essential Oils—Created to strengthen and nourish the hair.
• Amino Acid Supplements—For inflamed follicles.

Filling your body with the proper nutrients for hair growth is as important as therapy. Part of a successful hair growth program is the healing from within. Giving your body the nutrients and supplements it needs, can make all the difference!

We have specially formulated supplements and oils, created for the very purpose of strengthening your body and encouraging hair growth. Would you like to receive hair loss treatment? It’s easy to get started! Contact us for an appointment! If you’ve been disappointed by “hair professionals” before, we hope you will give us a try. We promise growth!

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